IgPS Installation

Step 1


A feature that is often overlooked, IgPS has been designed to fit neatly on to a standard 1200mm x 1000mm euro pallet, making transport and manual handling safe. Panels and flashgaps are similarly packaged.

IgPS is supplied to 3 specifications:

Specification 1:
Frames only with sanitary ware, panels and flashgap material supplied by others.

Specification 2:
As illustrated – frames, supplied separate to panels. Panels are routered and drilled for sanitary ware and clips and brackets but these are supplied separately for easy site assembly.

Specification 3:
As specification 2 but with panels already clipped to IgPS frames – ideal for smaller projects.

Please Note:
IgPS is not supplied as a pre-plumbed system – it is IGLOOS Washrooms opinion that this results in difficult transportation and improper manual handling. IgPS is designed and carefully assembled to facilitate safe, easy assembly on site.


Loading IgPS for transportation

Individual IgPS units weigh significantly less than 25 kg so can easily be handled and installed by 1 person.

Step 2

Fix frames securely to walls...

First fixing of plumbing (omitted for clarity) will have been installed prior to this point.

Top frame fixing:
Low top frame fixing, (2150mm as standard on floor to ceiling IgPS), reduces the need for steps.

Base frame fixing:
M10 stud and top hat bracket.

Frame assembly:
Push fit Base and Top frame to slot firmly together.

Floor fixing: Pack as necessary to level and fix.


IgPS first stage of framework installation

Step 3

Cut and fix flashgaps...

Flashgaps are supplied in full material length but can be cut to specific width. Length sized and trimmed as necessary by installing contractor.

Suspended ceiling:
Top horizontal flashgap extend above the ceiling line.

Solid ceiling:
Top horizontal flashgap is pushed up to the underside of the ceiling.

Vertical flashgaps are screwed into position through frame to give concealed fixing details.

Bottom horizontal flashgap is then glued into position.


IgPS second stage of framework installation

Step 4

Locate panels into postition, fix and plumb sanitary ware into fittings...

Panels clipped in place and sanitary ware and fittings securely fixed and plumbed in.

Ware and fittings:
Optional factory routered panels.
(Note: Ware and fitting not shown for clarity.)

30mm horizontal flashgap allows removal of middle panel leaving heavy top panel in position.


IgPS sample finish of installation