Bespoke System Overview

Bespoke system with infra red taps

Bespoke system stud framework cubicles

Bespoke system entrance doors-lining on stud framework

Bespoke system urinals inside structure

Bespoke system urinals and cubicles on stud framework

In 2001, IGLOOS® noticed a gap in the ever-changing events industry in terms of temporary loos for clients and venues which required sumptuous loos to surpass even the well received MODUVAC® range

Factors contributing to this were the desire to build a bathroom area on multi-level venues whereby the client would disassociate him/herself from being in a temporary area. Each area can be adapted to suit each event.

The Bespoke system allows a sumptuous individual bathroom to be created with exclusive finishing touches down to the finest detail. The walls can be customized with the client’s preferential colour or texture of wall covering, their own images can be installed and there is a range of wall or spot lighting to choose from. The client can select the appropriate quantity of cubicles and urinals.

The loos are constructed using stud partitioning and operate principally on vacuum technology.