Crew Loos

Portable toilets for the workers on an events or venue site are as important as those for the guests.

Whether they are for build and/or the event itself we offer solutions for externally or internally sited loos depending on the type of venue, weather implications and budget. Decent crew loos make hard working decent staff on site.

"thank  you very much for all your help ....on Saturday.  You could not have been more helpful and the gentleman who delivered...was fantastic!!"   Events Organiser, June 2012

External Moduvac
These modules sit on floor level and can be positioned outside or inside with only a very small step up into them

Single Re-circulating Loo  Units

  • Suitable for outdoor location.
  • Not just for crew but also for events that don’t require luxury loos for guests.
  • Measuring 4’ (1.22m) square by 7’8” (2.4m) high.
  • The units are usually delivered with a full tank of hand washing water and primed with chemical. If siting the units requires them to be tilted then the units will be primed and prepared for use on-site. In these circumstances, we may require a fresh water supply on-site and it will also be necessary to empty the units of waste and water before they are removed.
  • Loos are usually delivered with initial supply of loo rolls with the quantity determined by information given to us at time of quoting.
  • Units are not equipped with internal electric lights so should your event run through to the evening it may be advisable for you to provide a camping light or position he units under an exterior light as the roof of the unit is translucent
  • Water tank capacity - 45 litres
  • Waste tank capacity - 225 litres

Single Re-circulating Chemical Loo

Single recirculating chemical loo units These self contained individual loo units are suitable for all outdoor events...


External Modules

single These self contained individual loo units are suitable for all outdoor events.


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