External Modules






The External MODUVAC® modules are units that sit on the floor that can be positioned either outside or inside, they have a small step up into them. The hand basin units are white porcelain mounted in a mahogany top sitting on a white vanity unit. The flooring is wood effect linoleum.

The units are either connected to the mains drainage and water supplies or operate using vacuum technology. In either case there is no requirement for chemical. If the units are operating using the vacuum system they require waste tanks; these can be situated inside the structure but are more usually sited outside.

Requirements for Operation

Equipment is delivered on an articulated lorry so access should be ensured for the vehicle and forklift access into position.

Constant power supply is required for installation and during the event, quantity varies according to the level of stock.

Constant fresh water supply with good pressure for installation and during the event. The fresh water is necessary for both the hand basins and loo pans.


Pictures - Pictures are mounted in frames that are designed so that the images are interchangeable allowing you to provide us with your own choice to complement the event.

Consumables - Kenneth Turner consumables, loo paper and paper hand towels are supplied as standard. Cotton hand towels and vanity baskets (facial tissues, tights, hair grips, body spray etc.) can be provided at the client’s request.

Module Layout



3 cubicles, 2 hand basins

10’ (3.05 m) length
8’ (2.44 m) width
7’8” (2.34 m) high

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