February 2016 IGLOOS Latest News

The range of Moduvac and Panelled loos available means the Company is able to offer the client styles and colour schemes to adapt to their surroundings.  With destinations in and around London and travelling to the West of the UK, the loos are to be installed on multi-level floors of multiple temporary and fixed venue structures for up to several thousand daily guests.

Some of the events last only one day or evening and many take place over the course of a number of days with IGLOOS technicians on site to take care of all needs for mains and vacuum operated systems.

Zebrano Toilet trailer                Contemporary Oak Moduvac     

IGLOOS Zebrano 3+1 Trailer & IGLOOS Contemporary Oak Moduvac Loo System

Moduvac with Panelled Hand basins    Traditional Oak Moduvac Hand basins

IGLOOS Contemporary Oak Moduvac with Panelled Hand Basins & Traditional Oak Moduvac Hand Basins


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