January 2016 IGLOOS Latest News

Travelling largely across London and the South East but also further afield, Panelled and Moduvac Loo Systems provided seating for thousands of guests during the early festive period.

IMG 5098     IMG 5232

Loo entrance to Festive Events & IGLOOS Traditional Oak Moduvac Hand Basins

From a one day use to areas engaged night after night for many weeks, the loos were in high demand...


The systems, operating on both mains and vacuum technology were often adapted in terms of style, capacity and location requirements; with many clients often dressing the loos to blend in with their overall surroundings...and our own crew got into the spirit of the events!

ATP Tennis Mono Basins        Simon Gingerbread Man edited

IGLOOS Mono Moduvac Loos & our Crew dressed up at a Charity Event!



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