Disabled Loo Room

interior of panelled system single room cubicle

interior of panelled system single room cubicle

interior of panelled system single room cubicle

interior of panelled system single room cubicle

tap close up

The Panelled system uses laminated or veneer panels to build a room within a building or a structure creating a home from home bathroom. Clients may provide their own walling or select from IGLOOS® range of wall panel colours.

  • The disabled loo room is constructed to conform with document M building regulations
  • Built on the existing floor of the building or temporary structure there is no requirement for a ramp.
    • The room includes grab rails, disabled loo seat, alarm and lever taps
    • There are a number of options available including wall colour, hand towel box, hand dryers and mirrors.
    • The flexibility of the system means that the room can be built to your specification.
    • The disabled loo room may be accessible through its own entrance or be incorporated into the main ladies and gents areas as long as they have sufficient access.
    • The loo pans may operate on a vacuum system or fresh water flush.
    • It is also possible to incorporate a disabled shower into the Panelled room, this increases the size of the room.

Installing temporary loos in a permanent building is a solution that is not often considered; yet it is possible and it can render otherwise unusable spaces as tenable options. For example, if loos are required in a basement for a party or on the first floor of a hotel for a conference the IGLOOS® Panelled Loo System provides the solution.

The Panelled Loo System is not only used for exclusive areas, it is also installed for general public loos. The materials chosen for the panels, the floor covering and the type of hand basin supplied very much determine the style of the room.

The various options available for this system can be discussed at the time of quotation.

Requirements for Operation

      • The Panelled Loos need to be installed inside a building or structure.
      • Constant power supply is required for installation and during the event which varies according to the quantity of stock.
      • Constant fresh water supply with good pressure for installation and during the event.
      • The fresh water is necessary for both the hand basins and loo pans.
      • Waste is either collected in vacuum tanks or the system is plumbed into the mains drainage.

Sample single loo layout

Measures 8’2” (2.5m) x 5’10” (1.8m) and may be configured at either angle with a height of 8’ (2.44m). Additional allowance required for back of house plumbing.

Panelled Single toilet cubicle with integral basin

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