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If you are the head teacher, architect, building contractor or facilities manager, you are at the correct place for your entire Washroom Refurbishment and New Build Packages.

IGLOOS® Washrooms is your complete solution for a range of cubicles, hand basins, showers, vanity units and accessory items to suit your individual specifications. Great consideration is taken for sustainability and hygiene practices. Your awareness and knowledge of public health and safety means you face several challenges and demands: justifying your spending of the public purse and budget decisions responding to regulatory and environmental pressures exercising leadership as you represent local and central government or private concerns setting washroom standards with a direct bearing on health and safety for your department planning and environmental goals.


You can trust us to guide you through each step of your refurbishment:

Step 1: Consultation
Step 2: Design
Step 3: Product Sourcing
Step 4: Quotation
Step 5: Rip-out 
Step 6: Installation


Please choose a solution that solves your problem.
If you are unsure what type of washroom you require, why not speak to someone here at IGLOOS®.
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Off Site Solutions






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Plumbing and Drainage Solutions

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Case Studies

IGLOOS® Washrooms is a specialist contractor raising the status of the washroom as an integral feature of your interior design. Our innovative use of products and materials answers the demands for commercial washrooms or other toilet refurbishments, washroom new builds and cubicle systems in all types of venues such as sports clubs, schools, historic houses, restaurants, bars, offices public buildings and service stations.


"...it looks stunning and we are very happy with the conduct of your workmen - they were both gentlemen..."


Here at IGLOOS® we have developed a range of cubicle and modular products and services to ensure you lead in standards of public health and safety through an innovative range of washrooms for school toilet refurbishment and other educational establishments, parks, sport, town centre facilities and civil engineering departments.

  • Internal refurbishments or standalone toilet buildings
  • Site engineering and architectural collaboration
  • CAD modelling
  • Flat pack and delivery to your own site contractors when required
  • Financial, environmental, and planning constraints catered for
  • Bespoke and innovative solutions, a loyal and dedicated workforce working closely with you
  • Portable and temporary solutions for local authority hosted celebrations and events

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