Colour Wheel

Venue: Colour wheel

Timescale: 6 Days


To provide a high quality refurbishment of the washroom area suitable for pre-school children that is both safe and easy to use for the children whilst remaining practical, easy to maintain and cost effective for the Nursery


  • Low-level WC Cubicles
  • Corian Vanity Trough with pre-mixed touch sensitive taps
  • Bespoke Radiator Cabinet
  • Corian Baby Change Unit
  • Altro Xpress Lay safety flooring


  • Bright and colourful design
  • Water and energy saving features
  • Low-level WC Pans
  • Low-level vanity trough


  • The Nursery is open throughout the year and this is the main washroom, as a result the washroom could not be closed or out of service. All work was done out of opening hours and at weekends

Toilet cubicle before refurbishment

After refurbishment children's toilet cubicle

School washroom hand basins after refurbishment Low level children's toilet cubicles Corian hand basins with touch sensitive mixer taps