Kiddies Kingdom Nursery


Venue: Kiddies Kingdom Nursery

Timescale: 1 Day


The success of the nursery and capacity expansion requires an increase in WCs. To install a bright and vibrant designed cubicles system. Cubicles to be made to fit within sloping ceiling of the room.


  • IGLOOS Create cubicle system from Education range
  • Powder coated ironmongery fittings - wide choice of colours


  • Bright and warm aesthetically
  • Safe and secure
  • S-curved door tops offering additional passive supervision by adults


  • Quick and clean
  • Out of school hours

Before refurbishment

After refurbishment IGLOOS Create cubicle system with S Curved door tops

Powder coated ironmongery fittings Low level toilet pans in vibrant cubicle Powder coated ironmongery fittings


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