Schools & Education

IGLOOS® Washrooms refurbishment for schools and colleges is a key feature of our Washrooms division specializing in the provision of the best solutions for primary schools to universities.

For primary schools our focus on providing a hygienic and visually active experience for the children is to encourage the pupils to gain a sense of responsibility for their natural development. By using colour schemes, graphics and accessories, they will not only engage in their surroundings but really WANT to use them.

It is a child’s right to have a safe, clean and

robust washroom environment.

The practical choice of low level cubicles for young children is paramount to adult supervision where necessary whilst safety measures on the fixtures and fittings make for a harm free washroom.

For the secondary school pupils and university students more thoughtful measures such as anti-vandal and anti-bullying are taken into consideration. Our products available for these ranges reflect your determination to provide not only appealing looking washrooms but tough wearing products that stand the test of time. Designs include unisex and direct corridor access cubicles for greater teacher supervision to room centred washbasins and floor to ceiling cubicles.

"We are delighted with our new toilets and very impressed with the way we were consulted at every stage.  Our children's input at the design stage was taken very seriously and they now have washrooms they are extremely proud of.  Thank you."  North Newton Primary School

As with every range we offer, disabled/special needs facilities are part of our remit.


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