MONO MODUVAC Vacuum Loo System Textured Wenge

MONO MODUVAC Vacuum Loo System Textured Wenge


The title of the range reflects the delivery of individual cubicles, hand basins and urinals, ensuring specific stock selection and easier installation

With elegant clean lines, the high performance design comprises

  • Corian solid surface vanity tops
  • Brushed stainless steel fixtures and fittings
  • Infra red taps
  • Backlit urinals and cubicles using led strip lighting to create relaxed moods
  • Durable, waterproof, woven vinyl flooring in cubicles
  • The loo pans may operate on a vacuum system or fresh water flush which means there is no requirement for chemical. Connection to either vacuum waste tanks positioned outside a temporary structure or directly into mains drainage on-site.

The modular system comprises various components that may be mixed and matched to suit each event’s individual aspects such as quantity of guests, proportion of ladies/gentlemen and nature of the event.

Requirements for Operation

  • The Mono Loos need to be installed inside a structure which you must floor, line and create baffle entrances. IGLOOS can provide walling if required but this does not come as standard.
  • Good access required for forklift/trolley installation.
  • Constant power supply is required for installation and during the event; quantity varies according to the level of stock.
  • Constant fresh water supply with good pressure of at least 3 bar for installation and during the event is necessary for both the hand basins and loo pans. IGLOOS can organize water supplies as necessary.


  • Consumables - Scottish Fine Soaps and Hand Lotion, loo paper and paper hand towels are supplied as standard. Cotton hand towels and vanity baskets (facial tissues, tights, hair grips, body spray etc) can be provided at the client’s request.

Module Layouts

1 cubicle

3’1” (0.95 m) width
4’ (1.2 m) depth
7’5” (2.3m) high

1 urinal

2’6” (0.8 m) width
1’5” (0.45m) depth
7’5” (2.3m) high

1 hand basin

2’6” (0.8 m) width
2’1” (0.65 m) depth
7’5” (2.3m) high