Bespoke System and Special Projects

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  • Occasionally there is a demand that is not met by the regular product range.
  • In this situation IGLOOS® goes to the drawing board and designs a solution that satisfies and often exceeds the expectations of the client; from wall papered rooms to articulated trailers no challenge is too great.

"...the most luxurious, glamourous and stylish ladies loos ever to hit the UK. Now you ladies can relax, safe in the knowledge that the nearest convenience is more heavenly than a 5* hotel!."

We love designing and creating your concepts.

Bespoke Project - Liquid Gas Rig

Liquid Gas rig chrome basins with wood veneer vanity Brief - To design and manufacture a suitable modular washroom system to be installed onto an offshore liquid gas rig within a short lead time


Bespoke Project - Ultimate Powder Room

Bespoke graphite infinity basins Brief - to build the ‘Ultimate Powder Room’


Bespoke System Overview

Bespoke system urinals inside structure In 2001, IGLOOS® noticed a gap in the ever-changing events industry in terms of temporary loos for clients and venues which required sumptuous loos..


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