Construction Method

This system takes the traditional method of ‘pod’ manufacturing to a new level as there are no constraints on the size of room. Future refurbishment is also possible as once installed the system is essentially a traditional cubicle construction with easy access to all components.

IMC loaded for transportation

Step 1 - Delivery by IGLOOS transport

IMC unloaded from lorry using forklift

Step 2 - Unloaded as a unit by forklift

IMC installed using forklift

Step 3 - Forklifted into building

IMC positioned using pallet truck

Step 4 - Pallet trucked into area

IMC positioned using pallet truck

Step 5 - Final positioning

IMC transport support frame removed

Step 6 - Transport support frame removed

IMC cubicles levelled

Step 7 - Level Cubicles

IMC carrier frame removed

Step 8 - Carrier frame removed

IMC securing fixings

Step 9 - Secure floor fixings

IMC toilet cubicles ready for use

Step 10 - Ready for use